S3P Platform

Smart, Safe and Secure Software Development and Execution Platform for the Internet of Things

The S3P Platform aims at enabling the rapid development and exploitation of IoT-capable devices and applications, combining unprecedented safety, security, agility and portability.

The S3P Consortium also creates with the support of the Embedded France Association, the Cap'tronic Association and the Eclipse Foundation the S3P Alliance ecosystem to foster the wider national and international deployment of its initiative with the aim at further expanding its usage by other leading consumer and industrial brands.

The development of the S3 Platform is supported by the S3P Project, a 45 M€ investment project, that is financially supported by the S3P Consortium members and by the French Government "Nouvelle France Industrielle" initiative with a 18.3 M€ government funding, under the "Programme d'Investissements d'Avenir"..

The S3P Project aims at developing a safe, secure and smart software development and execution platform (the S3 Platform) to facilitate the development, deployment and exploitation of IoT Devices, Gateway and Applications at the best cost and speed.
The S3P Platform is a technology and development stack ecosystem that is open and interoperable with all major IoT platforms in the world and will add specific value in a number of well defined areas:

"Security" :

  • Enable the development of application software and execution platform on "Edge" and "Gateway" devices that are secure and certifiable from the point of view of IT security.
  • As you cannot do Big Data unless you trust Little Data, the S3P project is developing highly trustable execution platforms and code safety design and analysis solutions for use within an IoT end to end security context

"Industrial Safety" :

  • Enable the development of mission- and safety-critical smart connected "Edge" devices, certifiable from the industrial safety point of view for the most dependable and critical industrial devices, such as aircraft engines, autonomous vehicles, energy production systems, medical devices, etc.
  • The S3P Project in particular is developing an integrated design and validation tooling and execution platform environment to develop mission and safety critical application software for smart, safe and connected devices

"Smart Agility and Portability" :

  • As it is essential to enable IoT developers to monetize quickly and efficiently new data services, the S3P Platform develops extremely low footprint but high portability solutions onto various processing, networking and execution platform environments

"Platform Capabilities":

  • The S3 Platform not only integrates development and execution platforms but also systems and application software modelling and analysis tools closely integrated one another and is IoT infrastructure, Cloud and Analytics and Protocol-agnostic.

The S3 Platform will foster the creation of a value chain and business models that will lower significantly the cost of developing new IoT applications and devices and lower the barrier to entry to the booming IoT space across all segments, whether they are consumer-facing (home, lifestyle, health, mobility..) or business or community-facing (retail, health, energy, mobility, aerospace & defense, cities, manufacturing, public services, academia, etc..).

The S3P Project is organized and funded for an initial period of 3 years.

S3P Consortium

The S3P Consortium regroups a number of Industry Leaders providing a wide array of consumer and business-facing use cases (Industrial Users Partners)

The S3P Consortium Technology Platform Partners are:

Leading Providers of Development Solutions:

  • Embedded systems and software development and analysis tool with Esterel Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of ANSYS, Inc.,
  • a Code security analysis tool company: Trust in Soft
  • together with List, a CEA Tech Institute as technology provider for systems and software modelling and analysis
  • and the Fondation Eclipse as dissemination partner for modelling technologies.
  • Leading Providers of Real-Time Execution Platforms (RTOS) with Safety Certification (Krono-Safe and SYSGO), and a secure OS provider for devices with Prove & Run
  • A scalable application store infrastructure, and a studio for embedded software development and execution on resource-constrained chips: MicroEJ
  • Leading Providers of Virtualization technology stacks that allow the combination of several execution platforms on a single processors while guaranteeing the safety and security of critical components, with the hypervisors of Prove & Run et de SYSGO
  • Leading embedded chip manufacturers : NXP Semiconductors and STMicroelectronics
  • An SME and academic technology dissemination partner : CAP'TRONIC,
  • Specific technology partners for particular use cases such as PrismTech (IoT Protocols) and Telecom ParisTech

S3P Alliance Day

Participate and Join the First S3P ALLIANCE DAY on June 24th, 2016 in Neuilly Sur Seine!

The Program of the Day includes:

  • Verticals: automotive, retail, industrial IoT, energy, healthcare, transportation, industrial safety and aerospace
  • Challenge based debates and Networking
  • Technology demonstrations
  • Real Life Industrial Use Case presentations
  • Entrepreneur showcase
  • International audience


Eric BANTEGNIE - President & CEO - Esterel Technologies - A wholly-owned subsidiary of ANSYS, Inc.